BMW Diagnosis & Service Light Reset by XTOOL A80 PRO

Here we’re going to show you how to diagnose BMW by XTOOL A80 PRO, and also we take the service light reset as an example.

Connect XTOOL H6 PRO to the BMW by JVCI via OBD port.


Diagnosis>>Auto Scan>>Diagnosis>>Auto Diagnosis

Then wait for it to scan all the DTCs.

Here we can press “Report” to check the details including where the problem is and what causes it. Watch “Brake-fluid level too low”, later we will deal with this.

So we go back and press “Clear DTC”.

After that, press “Report” again.

Some DTCs remain, so does the lights.

So we back the function menu, press

Service>>Maintenance>>Front brake

Here is some information, and the “Availability” is 0%.

Press “Reset” and enter “Front brake” again, and

We can see that the “Availability” turns 100% and the parking brake light disappears.

Then we go back and choose “engine oil”.

Also we press “reset”.

Then enter again to compare the information before and after reset.

Back and press “Rear brake”,

We can see the availability is 58%, relatively healthy.

So back and choose “Brake fluid”.

Select “reset” due to the low availability.

Don’t forget to verify.

Back and choose “Vehicle inspection” to reset it.

Then we start the vehicle, here

The oil reset light disappears.

This is how we use XTOOL H6 PRO to diagnose BMW and reset its service lights.

Done! Good job!


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