CONDOR XC-MINI PLUS II Tutorial: How to Duplicate Mul-T-Lock Dimple Key

In the last article, I introduced how to engrave on a key blank by using Xhorse Condor XC Mini Plus II. Today, I’ll show the steps of cutting Mul-T-Lock dimple key household key.

Original key
Blank key
1.0mm probe
Dimple cutter (internal)
Dimple cutter (external)
M5 clamp

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Height calibration

Stick in the probe and the dimple cutter (internal)

Make sure the clamp is tightened

Hit Settings>> Device Calibration>> height calibration>> Start

Tips: Install M5 clamp then select A position A is upwards and tighten left, don’t insert key blank

Height calibration complete

Step 2: Key learning

Select Household>> All regions>> Mul-T-Lock (8.8mm-R)>> Mul-T-Lock 4-4

Insert the original key

Hit ‘Decode key’ to start the key learning

Household key learning completed

Step 3: Key cutting

Insert the blank key and close the cover

Hit ‘Start cutting’>> OK

After cutting, clean the shavings and remove the key

Tighten the clamp and install the dimple cutter (external)

Repeat height calibration again

Select Dimple (external)>> probe and cutter setting>> ∅ 6*100* dimple (external)>> Save

It will prompt ‘Machine parameter modify successfully, perform height level adjustment’.

Click OK>> Start

Calibrate the height again

Insert the key and start to cut the external cuts

Click OK>> Start cutting

Cut one side of the key successfully, then flip the key to cut another side

Key cutting is completed

Finally, insert the key into the cylinder to test


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