How to Sovle MB SD C5 battery too low?


I tried to update the mux but saying battery too low.


Your MB Star C5 host needs to install a new battery before proceeding with the firmware upgrade. Please buy new battery: 6 units Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries, Size: AA, Voltage: 1.2V.

Please follow this article on how to install battery for C5:

How to install MB SD C4 rechargeable batteries

***For new sdconnec C4 Plus / MB SD C5 with DoIp, you can update the firmware without installing battery.

Update SD Connect without batteries

The next question is: I have gotten the batteries, I am trying to configure the toolkit.


Replied: Refer to the following picture to set, password:26 a

Do not tick off Wlan parameters, workshop. and Choose web/hex here.

Finally, MB SD C5 is working. And ready to do diagnosis or programming.


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