Jungheinrich ETMV 10-12 Tightening Torque for Screwed Connection on Brake Systems

To fulfill their sealing function, the sealing surfaces and threads are designed to meetthe relevant requirements.

The application of forces exceeding the maximum values indicated in the tables willdamage and destroy the screwed connection, seals or housing.

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Table 1 -Tightening torque for screwed connections

With copper sealing ring:admission pressure values, screwed sockets,banjo-bolts with ring sockets, etc.
Without copper sealing ring:screw plugs, union nuts, brake hose fittings,venting valves M 10 and larger.

In the case of cadmium-plated threads 0.7 of the above values must be applied.
This symbol is used before safety instructions that have to be observed in order toprevent any danger to personnel.
This symbol is used before instructions that have to be observed in order to preventany damage to assemblies.

Table 2 – Tightening torque for brake components

Prior to installation,apply brake cylinder compound or brake mounting spray to thethreads.

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