Navistar ServiceMaxx J1939 +J1708 v44.24 Free Download

Navistar SERVICEMAXX applications a fully featured PC application designed to meet the wide range of diagnostic challenges you face when servicing a mixed truck fleet. Coverage includes all International electronic engine systems, allowing you to run special tests, change parameters, and view and graph engine data. This is the top of the line tool for fleets.

Navistar ServiceMaxx Basic Functions:

Read Fault and clear diagnostic fault codes View, graph and save engine data Diagnostic Tests: KOEO-Key On Engine Off KOER-Key On Engine Running KOEO-Injector Buzz Test KOER-Injector Contribution Test Cylinder Cutout Test(EPA 04′ and newer)


Navistar ServiceMaxx Features:

Type of catalogue: Diagnostic Software

Region: WorldWide

languages: English

OS: XP Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 8/8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 32 bit, Windows 10 64 bit


ServiceMaxx J1708:


9-Pin Type l(Black)

Protocol CANJ1708@250K Baud

9-Pin Type ll(Green)

Protocol CANJ1708@250K Baud

Engine Detection Target:

Engine Serial Number

Supported Legacy Engines(1994-2006):

Pre-MaxxForce Engines


V83BX:3Box V8(1994-1997)

i308:DLC I6(1998-2004)

T444E:DLC V8(1998-2004)

1313:DLClI I6(2005-2006)

V128:DLCI V8(2005-2006)

V126:DLClI V6(2005-2006

ServiceMaxx J1939:



9-Pin Typel(Black)

Protocol CANJ1939@250K Baud

K-line(MWM Engines)

9-Pin Type (Green)

Protocol CANJ1939@250K Baud

Protocol CAN J1939@500K Baud (2016 North American engines forward)

KWP2000 K-line(For MWM Engines)


Engine Detection Target:

Engine Calibration ID(Production Calibration only)

CAT Engines also use Parameter:88/01

Supported Engines: North American v155:

MaxxForce 5(2007-2009)v134: MaxxForce 7(2007-2009)V152: MaxxForce 7(2010-2012)

v179: MaxxForce 7(2013-) i326:

MaxxForce DT,9,10(2007-2009)i334: MaxxForce DT,9,10(2010-2012)

i367: MaxxForce DT,9,10(2013) i766:

MaxxForce 11,13(2008-2009)i783: MaxxForce 11,13(2010-2012)

B764: MaxxForce 11,13(2013-2013.5)

770: MaxxForce 15(2010-2013)

SCR Engines

1746:N9,N10SCR(2014-) B718:N13 SCR(2013-2014)

B745:N13 SCR(2015-)

Removed Engines:

163BX:3Box I6(1994-1997)V83BX-3Box V8(1994-1997)

1308: DLC 16(1998-2004) T444E: DLC V8(1998-2004)V126: DLCI V6(2005-2006)

1313: DLCII6(2005-2006)V128: DLC V8(2005-2006) Engine list below is with Engineering Access: Military Engines Mil13: MaxxForce 12.4D CAT Engines: CT11: CAT CT11/13(2010-2012)

CT764: CAT CT13(2013) CT15: CATCT15

CT718: CAT CT13 SCR(2013-2014)

CT745: CAT CT13 SCR(2015-)


Global Engines:

1341: DLClIl I6 Export(2007-)

I716:N13(Euro V)

MWM: MaxxForce 3.0H(Euro ll-P418V50)

MWM: MaxxForce 7.2/4.8H(Euro ll-P625V13)

MWM: MaxxForce 7.2/4.8 H(Euro IV-P800V24) MWM: MaxxForce 7.2/4.8 H(Euro IV-P800V32) MWM: MaxxForce 7.2/4.8 H(Euro V-P1090V52)

MWM: MaxxForce 3.2H(Euro ll)

MWM: MaxxForce 3.2H(Euro V) MWM: MaxxForce 3.2H(Euro V)

Engineering Engines: B786N13(2017-) Removed Engines(Did not go into Production):

1355: MaxxForce 9.3(Euro V)

Software Fixes: Software Lag or Slow response lssue Change the way Requested signals are handled.

ServiceMaxx version 42.18(release date:08/05/2015)

Software Enhancements MaxxForce 11/13(2010-2013)

DOC Eciency Test(Field Service Access)

MaxxForce DT/9/10(2010-2013)

DOC Eciency Test(Engineering Development)

Air Management Performance Test(Engineering Development)

Trip Report Remove Trip Report(Not Supported)

MaxxForce 11/13(2010-13),N13 SCR(2014-2015)

Stand Alone Real Time Clock Time Synchronization Check Multi Cylinder Cutout enhancements Add Start and End temperatures to Test Results Trip Report enhancement Remove MaxxForce name from Report Printout Correct Reset for Trip Active Regen Count N9/N10SCR (2014-),N13 SCR(2013-2015)


DPF Regeneration session

Session update(Move Test Inhibitors to Default view)

N13SCR(2017) Engineering Access only Add database Support: Signals/Parameters/DTCs Snapshot recordings enhancement Remove Min/Max/Average from recordings Remove Negative counter History Support(Phase 1)

Writes Engine information to history.

Vehicle Identication number Engine Serial Number Calibration ID Customer Password ae”When entered by user.

Slow Network Alert Popup Alert message if slow Network is detected during software updates.

Software Fixes Signal display and Recording Display Proper Symbols Display correct value in Graphs MaxxForce 11/13(2010-2013),N13 SCR(2014-2015)

Multi Cylinder Cutout enhancements Refresh Test Results panel if test is re-started.

Test Abort Message Correction High Pressure Pump Test Air Management Test Intake Air Heater Test


Navistar ServiceMaxx J1939 +J1708 v44.24 Free Download

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