Detroit DDEC6 Engine Password Protection Removal by Backdoor Calculator

When you perform parameter programming/change value for Detroit Diesel engine,it some ECM locked with password.In this situation it requires you input password to unlock it.So here in this example, show you guide on how to use backdoor password calculator to remove password protection for Detroit DDEC6 engine.


Select “Parameters” and select “Configure Passwords”–>”CPC2”

Click “Backdoor.”

Now here it shows the VIN and Seed code

Run DDDL Backdoor password calculator

Then input VIN and Seed,click “OK”

It will show you the password

Copy pass and paste it to DDDL diagnostic software,click “OK”

Now all protection lists are now unlocked.

You may now return to the configure passwords dialog to change or clear passwords for protection lists without first being required to enter the previous password for the each protection list.

When you edit the Configure Password dialog the device will be locked again.Any protection lists that you do not change or clear the password for will remain at their protection status.

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