How Read and Write VW EDC 16U1 Eeprom by KT200 ECU Programmer

KT200-ECU Programmer Reading and Writing VW EDC 16U1 Eeprom Tutorials: Firstly: Connect the KT200-ECU Programmer to the VW EDC 16U1-ECU and the computer so that the ECU is powered on.

Click KT200 software on the laptop, click select driver, choose Volkswagen-MPC555/6-VAG-EDC16U1

Check ECU Pinout Information, make sure the connection is correct.

Then Read Eeprom, make sure the ECU power on, save the file as name:”edc16u1 ee”

End of read, turn the dashboard off.

Reading Eeprom sucessfully and save the file.

Last step: Write Eeprom, Power on the dashboard and click write Eeprom with the file:“edc16u1 ee”
When get the note: turn the dashboard off and wait, Turn off the dashboard again.

Click Ok, Writing Sucessfully.

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