How to Read and Write Data for Bench or Boot

Recently, some customers gave feedback that they cannot find the appropriate guide and pinout for their ECUs in the PCMTuner Magic Car Tool (as shown in Figure 1). Some may work via OBD, but some may not work via Bench and Boot. The ECU connection is correct but still not working, many ECUs have the same problem. In fact, the possible cause is that they are not selecting the correct mode. Here list the corresponding PCMTuner ECU brands and models supported via OBD, Bench and Boot respectively.

Currently PCMTuner supports 67 modules incl. module 1 to module 74 (module 28, 37, 39, 41, 44, 49, 51 are not supported). Module 53 is on boot, Module 58 gearbox needs to open the cover, Module 71 is on bench, others are via OBD.

Full ECU list: PCMTuner ECU Support List New

In details…

Module 53: on boot
Infineon Tricore BSL
TC1762/TC1766 MICRO (1504KB)
TC1762/TC1766 EEPROM (32KB)
TC1792/TC1796 MICRO (2048KB)
TC1796 MICRO+EXT (4096KB/6144KB)
TC1796 EXT (2048KB/4096KB)
TC1792 EEPROM (64KB)
TC1796 EEPROM (128KB)
TC1738/TC1767 MICRO (2048KB)
TC1738/TC1767 EEPROM (64KB)
TC1797 MICRO (4096KB)
TC1797 EEPROM (64KB)
TC1797 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB)
TC1797 EXT (2048KB/4096KB)
TC1724/TC1728 MICRO (1536KB)
TC1724/TC1728 EEPROM (64KB)
TC1782/TC1784 MICRO (2560KB)
TC1782/TC1784 EEPROM (128KB)
TC1791/TC1793 MICRO (4096KB)
TC1791/TC1793 EEPROM (192KB)
TC1791/TC1793 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB)
TC1791/TC1793 EXT (2048KB/4096KB)
Delphi MT86 EEPROM (16KB)
Delphi CRD3.1 EEPROM (32KB)

Bosch, Siemens/Continental, Delphi ECUs, etc. Reading, writing, checksum correction for most ECUs.

Possible password reading for SIM2K-24x, Ford EMS22XX, Ford SID20X, Bosch, Bosch GPT, etc.

Module 58 gearbox: needs to open the cover
DQ200MQB/G2 (0CW)
DQ250MQB (0D9)
Reading, writing, checksum correction

VL381/DL382 (0AW/0CK)
DL501/G2 (0B5)
DQ200 (0AM)
DQ250E/F (02E)
VL300/V30 (01J/0AN)
Writing, checksum correction

DQ200/MQB/G2 Boot (EEPROM)
DL501/G2 Boot (EEPROM)
VL381 Boot (EEPROM)
DL382 Boot (EEPROM)
Honda UDCT Boot (Continental TC1782/EEPROM)
Reading, writing

DQ200/MQB/G2 Boot (MICRO)
VL381 Boot (MICRO)
DL501/G2 Boot (MICRO)
DQ500 (0BH/0BT)
DQ250C (02E)
DL382 Boot (MICRO)
Honda UDCT Boot (Continental TC1782/MICRO)
Reading, writing, checksum correction.

Module 71: on bench
Bosch MEDC17 Bootloader
(Direct connection to the ECU connector, Scanmatik 2 Pro, a connection cable and a power supply are required)

MEDC17 (TC1762/1766/1792/1796) FLASH
MEDC17 (TC1724/1728/1767/1782/1784/1797) FLASH
MEDC17 (TC1791/1793) FLASH
Reading, writing, checksum correction.

MEDC17 (TC1762/1766/1792/1796) EEPROM
MEDC17 (TC1724/1728/1767/1782/1784/1797) EEPROM
MEDC17 (TC1791/1793) EEPROM
Reading, writing.


Other modules except the three modules above: all via OBD.
Module 1: Ford Focus 3
Module 2: Ford Kuga 2, Ford Explorer 2011+
Module 3: Diesel engines 2.0L, DCM3.5/DCM6.1/SID206
Module 4: Petrol engines 1.25-1.6L, Ford Fiesta 2008+, Ford Mondeo 4
Module 5: Petrol engines 1.6L, 2.0L, Ecoboost T-PROT7
Module 6: Petrol Engines 1.0, 1.6L, Ecoboost T-PROT12
Module 7: Ford Transit/Tourneo/Ranger, Land Rover Defender
Module 8: Mazda 1st generation (2004–2008/10)
Module 9: Mazda 2nd generation (2008/10-2012/13)
Module 10: Mazda 3rd generation (2012+)
Module 11: Mazda 3rd generation (2012+) crypto
Module 12: Honda/Acura CAN-bus
Module 13: Honda/Acura K-Line
Module 14: Petrol engines 1.6L, 2.0L, 2.3L, 2.5L Ford Mondeo 4
Module 15: Nissan/Infinity K-Line
Module 16: Subaru Hitachi
Module 17: Volkswagen K-Line
Module 18: Nissan/Infinity CAN-bus
Module 19: Kia/Hyundai
Module 20: Ford Focus 2/Fiesta/Fusion (automatic transfer for VID area)
Module 21: Ford USA (automatic transfer for VID area)
Module 22: Renault
Module 23: Subaru Denso
Module 24: Mitsubishi CAN-bus
Module 25: Renault/Nissan 1.5dCi
Module 26: Mitsubishi Diesel CAN-bus
Module 27: Nissan CAN-bus 2nd generation
Module 29: Ford PWM (Ford VCM2 or Scanmatik is required)
Module 30: Kia/Hyundai SIM2K
Module 31: Mitsubishi K-Line
Module 32: Ford Focus 3 2015, Ford Explorer 2016, Ford Kuga 2 2017
Module 33: Ford EcoSport/Fiesta 2015+
Module 34: Kia/Hyundai EDC15/EDC16
Module 35: Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Hino
Module 36: Kia/Hyundai EDC17
Module 38: Renault K-Line
Module 40: Kia/Hyundai SIMK
Module 42: Denso SH705X Bootloader
Module 43: Land Rover EDC17СP42/MED17
Module 45: MB Sprinter 906/909 EDC16CP31
Module 46: Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Hino 2 Generarion
Module 47: Mitsubishi Gearbox CAN-bus
Module 48: VAG ME(D)17 UDS
Module 50: VAG EDC17CP44, EDC17C46, EDC17C64
Module 52: Kia/Hyundai Delphi MT38/86
Module 54: Delphi DCM3.7/AP (SH72513/72543/72544)
Module 55: Kia/Hyundai Kefico/Denso
Module 56: Ford SID807EVO/EDC17C10/EDC17C70
Module 57: SIMOS 8/10/11/12/PCR2.1
Module 59: Renault/Nissan UDS
Module 60: Citroen/Peugeot (PSA) SID208
Module 61: Kia/Hyundai CPGDSH/CPEGD
Module 62: Ford/Getrag 6DCT450
Module 63: Renault DC4
Module 64: Mitsubishi Fuso Canter
Module 65: VAG MED17/EDC17 CAN TP2.0/K-Line
Module 66: Honda Bosch
Module 67: Nissan Bosch
Module 68: JLR Denso
Module 69: Mercedes-Benz MED17/EDC17
Module 70: Jeep EDC17
Module 72: Mazda Gen 4
Module 73: Ford MG1
Module 74: Toyota/Lexus Gen 3

If you still cannot make sure your ECU is supported by PCMTuner via which mode,

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