MTU DiaSys 2.74 2.72 Engine Diagnostic Software – Free Download


MTU DiaSys is a Windows®-based software tool that communicates with various MTU engine controllers. It allows users to perform essential maintenance and service tasks, such as reading and recording metrics/process variables.


MTU DiaSys is used to communicate with:

  • Various MTU controllers
  • RCS-5 Remote Control Systems
  • MCS-5 Monitoring and Control Systems

Supported Systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Supported Languages:

  • German
  • English

Changes and Updates:

  1. IXXAT USB-to-CAN V2:
    • For older firmware versions of IXXAT interfaces USB-to-CAN V2 (Professional and Compact), CAN messages may be lost.
    • Install the current IXXAT firmware 1.07. Instructions can be found in C:\Programs (x86)\DiaSys\Doku\IXXAT\usb-to-can V2 Firmwareupdate_howto.pdf.
  2. Excel Format:
    • Excel export format changed from *.XLS to *.XLSX due to virus scanners classifying Office files with macros as unsafe.
    • Note: Excel import still works only with XLS files. To import an XLSX file, convert it to an XLS file first to avoid the error: “External table does not have the expected format.”
  3. ECU-9, SXU, EXU Roles:
    • “Chronological error log” extended with “More information” and “Details number” columns, displaying additional alarm/error information.
  4. ECU-9, SXU:
    • Bag learning maps (lifetime of NTE events) are reported to the central database as operational data similar to load profiles and error memories.
  5. Improved Message Texts:
    • Enhanced message texts when retrieving data from the central database.
  6. New Recording Templates:
    • ECU-9, SXU: New recording templates added to the template database TemplateKD.mdb.
  7. Data Transfer via File – Export:
    • Files are exported with the extension *.EXE but no longer contain self-extracting executable code. Files are directly extracted when importing from DiaSys, avoiding virus scanner blocks.
  8. Data Transfer via File – Import:
    • No import error if the path to the data contains spaces.
  9. Crash Recorder:
    • Updated message text to detect blocked crash recorder data, which needs to be sent to MTU.
  10. Increased Timeout:
  • Increased timeout for communication with EIM to reduce DiaSys error messages.
  1. Default Path Change:
  • Default path for load profile data changed from “A:” to “C:\ProgramData\DiaSys\Loadprofile_data”. This path can be changed in “Options”.

New Features:

  1. ECU-7, ECU-9:
    • “Plant Project Identification”: Reads and displays PU running information from ECU.
  2. ECU-9, SXU:
    • PV Recorder “Light Status”: Reads and displays light status information from the ECU.
    • PV Recorder General: Reads and displays configurable PV recorder from the ECU.
    • EXU-ESD: Upload and Export Injector Wear: Reads injector wear information from the ECU and exports it to a CSV file.
  3. SXU:
    • Support for crash recorder function similar to ECU-7/8/9.
    • “Hot Shutdown Counter Reset Function.”
    • “NH3 HC Counter Reset Function.”
    • “HC1 and HC2 Load Reset Function.”
  4. ECU-7, ECU-9:
    • Recorded emergency start information read and displayed from the ECU.
  5. EXU-EMU9:
    • “Spray Oil Calibration” feature.

MTU DiaSys Free Download:


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