OBD2 Scanner Does not Power Solution

It will happen when plugging in your scanner and finding it not work. There is no response it just won’t turn on. It will be annoying if such happens. But do not worry, we will get this problem solved. You should know a little electrical diagnosis to solve this kind problem. Such as check the wiring diagram, check the fuse to the obd2 port.

First you need to check if you getting power to the obd2. Check connector and the fuse. If such problem happens usually is the fuse issue.

Usually the obd scanner won’t turn on is a blown fuse caused circuit. If checking the engine light fails you can know the fuse has blown. When your tools get no power, it is often the reason the obd socket not have its power supply.

Way to check the fuses: using a test light, volt meter, remove the fuse and check the conductive strip. It will happen when you use a bad charger or something and they blew out the fuse for the obd2 port.

Hopefully this will solve the problem. If it doesn’t help we might have a wiring issue because I’m pretty familiar with these wiring schematics for these obd2. If the problem not the fuse it could possiblily be the wiring or even a pin connector. Check the wire and make sure too the pins aren’t bad in the connector.

After the fuse and wire checked okay. The next cause should be the damaged obd socket. It’s common in older vehicles. more OBD port use over time causes the delicate terminals to wear or more commonly, lose tension.

When we check the port, take a look at the port terminals closely. Look at the terminals and see if terminals 4 and 16 appear bigger than any of the others.

Terminal 4 is chassis ground and 16 is power. These two terminals are used to power your tool they are the most important terminals for you to check.

Then we need to check DLC Power & ground. You will need a voltmeter for checking.

The last thing you need to check is the obd scanner plug if it is damaged or not.

Scanner damage is seldom happens since I have been using for years and these items are durable. The cable is s more likely damaged or worn-out compared with the scanner plug.



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