PCMTuner ECU Progarmmer Update TO V1.22

PCMTuner ECU Progammer software was updated to v1.2.2 on April 12, 2022. This update is not about the features, it is just an update to fix the network connection error in the French area. If you are using version, an update is required. Just press OK to start updating the application as the picture shows.

About PCMTuner Software and Update:

PCMTuner Software including 2 Parts:

1.PCMTuner to check wiring diagram and instructions

This software can be update online which is mentioned at the beginning.

2.PCMFlash to read/write ECUs

The PCMFlash software is in the USB dongle, update via the new USB dongle.If PCMFlash request to update to newer version, Don’t Update, The update is only to buy the new USB dongle.


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