PCMtuner vs ECU Bench Tool

Both PcmTuner and ECUHelp ECU Bench Tool are new released ECU Programmer in 2022, Which one is better? Here is comparison table to help you make a choice.

Item PCMtuner ECU Bench Tool
Price $499 $329
Dongle with Smart Dongle without Dongle
Software 1. PCMtuner
2. PCMflash
1. AMT Bench Service Tool(AMT BST)
2. ECUHelp
Version Master Master
Datacenter VZ Performace ECUHelp 2.0
Network Connection Yes Yes
Update & Subscription 1. PCMtuner update online, no subscription, no annual fee
2. PCMflash update by dongle
Both ATM BST and ECUHelp Update Online
Checksum Yes Yes
VR read & Write Yes, Online Yes, Online
EDC16 Not Support Yet Support, no need open ECU
EDC17 MEDC17 Yes, good for this Yes, only a few models
MG1 MD1 Coming soon, need buy new adapter yes, the license freely activated already
VAG Volvo ME9 No yes, no need open ECU
Operation Mode OBD, Bench, Boot Bench
Offline/Online Work offline, VR need online Work offline, VR need online
Activation Yes, provide SN and register email to activate Yes, provide SN to activate
ECU List PCMtuner ECU List ECU Bench Tool ECU List
ECU Tuning Service Download VR files for free
Pay for tuning file
Pay for VR files
Pay for tuning file

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