Xprog 6.12 Failed to install Driver Software on Win7 Solution

I have an xprog 6.12 ecu programmer. I close the internet, firewall and all antivirus software on my computer and already install Adobe. When I connect the xprog-box programmer, the system tells me that Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for my xprog, the system cannot find the file specified. It’s Win7. How to fix this problem?

OBD2.LTD chief engineer gives the advice:
Check whether the driver is installed.

4 steps to install XPROG V6.12 software:
* Click the file “installation.reg”, get the file information to the regedit.
* The file “AdbeRdr11000_zh_CN.exe” must be installed, otherwise the Xprog software will fail to start.
* Plug the Xprog main interface into the computer and install the USB driver.
* Copy the folder “XPROG-BOX6.12” to the desktop, open it, and run the “xprogdesktop.exe”, then open the software.

Windows system required as below:
Operating system: WinXP/ Win7/ Win8
1. Windows system should be windows XP 32bit OR windows 7 64 bit, all the patch software for the windows system should be installed already and the windows properly works well.
2. The windows system should be with at least 2 partitions (except the CD ROM.)
3. Can not be working with the virtual hard disk.

Important to know!!!
* XPROG V6.12 dongle isn’t compatible with the older version Xprog.
* Please close all anti-virus software on your computer, because the anti-virus software will kill Xprog V6.12 driver.
* Disconnect internet. If not, the internet may damage XPROG hardware.
* Uninstall all the old version XPROG software before you install V6.12 software because XPROG V6.12 hardware is not compatible with other versions of XPROG software.
* Never try to UPDATE it, the hardware will be damaged if you try to update it online.

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