Autel XP400Pro Read EEPROM/MCU/IMMO on PC

Question: Can Autel XP400Pro read EEPROM/MCU/IMMO on PC without IM508/IM608/IM608Pro Key Programmer? The answer is certainly yes.

Users can use XP400/XP400 Pro to directly read chip like EEPROM, MCU, engine, immobilizer, instrument panel cluster, airbag, etc. Only to download “PC Programmer” software on a computer. No having to connect with IM508/ IM608/ IM608 Pro.

How to download XP400/XP400Pro PC software?

1. Log in
2. PC Suite >> PC Programmer >> Download

What’s noteworthy is that XP400/ XP400 Pro does not have IMMO Menu in this way. The function needs to work with MaxiIM series tablets.

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