BMW 528I F10 Steering Angle Calibration by Launch X431 PAD V

Launch X431 PAD V diagnostic scanner inherits Launch’s many advantages in car fault diagnostic technologies, and diagnoses the passenger and heavy duty vehicles (software and adapters are optional) with one single dongle.

This article will explain in detail how we perform Steering Angle Calibration Test on BMW 528I F10 with PAD V scanner.

This is the Launch X431 PAD V diagnostic scanner that we are gonna use and the car that is being tested.

This is the dashboard of the car and marked “Steering Drive moderately.”

Tap “Local Diagnose”>> Check “Vehicle Version Information”

After communicating, the information is shown like this:

It will begin “Automatically Search”, when completed, all the DTCs it detected will be displayed on the screen.

We can see the diagnostic menu shown like this:

Tap “Start-Up of Active Steering”>> Perform Start-up of Active Steering

After confirming for several pieces of information on the screen, it will inform you “The motor position angle is now reset”.

Then, it asks you to “Start Steering to the left end stop”. Follow this action.

We are doing this step right now.

It asks us to “Start Steering to the right end stop”.

Bring the steering wheel back to the center position (wheels straight).

Steering from lock to lock was successful!

That is so amazing that we use Launch X431 PAD V auto diagnostics to finish the Steering Angle Calibration Test on BMW 528I F10.

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