BMW MEVD17.2.5 DME N13 ECU Auto Checksum by CG FC200

Test BMW F30 316i N13 engine with ICOM ISTA. ISTA gives faulty DME with Valvetronic and ignition and injection relay faults. DME is damaged. I need to replace and clone a new DME.

Original car DME part number is 8638198 while the donor is 7636292.

CG FC200 is really good on BMW ecu cloning.

Step 1: Read Original ECU Dflash & Pflash

Run CG FC200, select BMW 3 Series F30 316i- Bosch MEVD17.2.5 TC1797 N13 engine
Select Platform, check wiring diagram

Connect original MEVD17.5 DME with fc200 via wiring harness
Identify ecu info and read ISN

Copy ISN to a notepad
Read Dflash and save
read dflash very fast

Read pflash and save backup

Step 2: Read Donor ECU Dflash & Pflash
Connect donor DME with FC200 follow the same wiring diagram

read ISN of the donor ecu
paste the ISN to the notepad
Read and save donor ECU Dflash

Read & save donor ECU Pflash

Step 3: Write pflash to donor ECU
Select Write Flash

Upload original Pflash and write

Auto checksum online

Write data successfully

Step 4: Verify data

Read donor ecu information and ISN again

The ISN is the same with original ISN

Read Dflash and Pflash and save again

Verify dflash and pflash data with Hexcmp.

Install the donor ECU back into vehicle.


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