How to Clone BSI FCA DELPHI 70F3633 on BENCH by OBDSTAR DC706

OBDSTAR DC706 replaces IOTerminal as it has much more functions like ECM/TCM/BODY ECU cloning and updates are continuous.

The interesting thing is that it costs a third of the full version of IOTerminal ($5000), so it can be reached by anyone without a PC, with a tablet and everything is done.

Here is an example: DC706 clone Fiat FCA BSI Delphi 70F3633 on bench. The tool also reads and writes Flash via OBD. But bank is safer.
Go to Body/Other->Fiat BSI Delphi 70F3632/70F3633 (OBD/Bench)
Check connection pinout

Follow wiring diagram to connect OBDSTAR DC706 tablet with BSI
Keep voltage to 12V+

Read flash (70F3633)

Save flash data automatically

Then Write flash

Select BSI flash data just saved and write flash

Write flash succeed.


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