OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 vs Xtool X100 PAD3

Today we’re going to bring you a review of OBDSTAR X300 Pro4 and Xtool X100 PAD3.

Generally, they have similar price less than 1,000$, and they can do key programming for 80-85% budget cars. (Not good for Benz, BMW…)You may need it after you’ve worked on initial programming with like Kess for a while and customers start to ask key programming for you.

The Xtool has free update for 2 years, while the OBDSTAR is one year.
The Xtool has more diagnostic functions, and there is a car diagnostic menu, much more powerful.

For others they are similar, EEPROM, IMMO… menus are separate on PRO4.

RU cars
Can they program Renault Lada Vesta? These platforms are based on continental blocks. The two scanners basically read them for diagnosis, but Xtool PAD3 sometimes cannot make my Lada when I lost all keys, although when adding it makes them. X300 PRO4 never has this problem. It’s able to read FLASH and add keys, but it happens that it cannot read it when all keys lost.

US cars
I have a Grand Cherokee 2006, but I couldn’t read it on PRO4, and the pin code is a trouble. I have done more than ten Cherokee and never had any question with this.

Toyota smart key
Both fine, even Camry 2021 adds right. They all have simulators for all keys lost, read data and write it to the simulator and the car comes. But, for Aqua 2014, the Xtool reads EEPROM without problems, but I couldn’t write down the PH94 type.

If you have to do Mercedes-Benz, the Xtool doesn’t know how to do them fully but can add key for young Benz if you get a KC501 Key Programmer. Xtool goes further, and they add more professional cars. That is what I don’t smell on this OBDSTAR.

Better to take another device because it’ll be more professional, Xhorse, MB tools…If I have the PRO4, I would never learn BMW and Mercedes, and never restore keys fully to Toyota smart key.
Of course, there are more advantages for this Xtool because diagnosis is strong, 2 years warranty, 2 years free updates. If you want to make a Mercedes or BMW with budget, you can still consider Xtool.

More tools you get, more confident you will be.

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