How to do the IMMO data calculation with VW Request Change.exe

Autel IM508 & IM608 KEY PROGRAMMER can do some of the following functions for VW

Decryption tool

For IMMO IV and IMMO IV+MQB type, select “   ” option.
For IMMO MQB type, select “ ” shown as follows.

1. IMMO IV and IMMO IV+MQB decryption tool interface.

2. Then select the following options: VW , IMMO4, Manual ,
Input the current vehicle VIN code,then click on “Next” shown as follows:

3. Then input the corresponding immo data in the following boxes shown as below, then click on “Calculate” button to calculate the pin code and cs code, get the following result”
”to send to customer to input on the device manually.

MQB decryption

Input MQB VIN code to search the MQB data. Click on “” the interface is shown as follows: K17, K01,K02 and KG1 correpsonds to the instrument/BCM, engine, TCU and ESL systems. So shown as follows:

Copy K17_Container data to“   ”

Copy K01_Container data to “

Copy K02_Container data to “

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