How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Not Working Solution on 2019 Range Rover Keyless

After a generate 2019 Range Rover key with Lonsdor K518ISE and JLR smart key, write the key lock unlock works.
But you have to be close to the steering to start which is keyless entry won’t work
And this car has no issues all good he just lost the key.


This model UWB ((Ultra Wide Band)) function is enabled. All current Land Rover models employ ‘Ultra Wideband’ (UWB) technology within the vehicle’s Smart Keys. This is normal if keylessgo not working.

Go to Lonsdor Modify vehicle config function.

Disable UWB function.

Then check if the key is working properly.

Lonsdor K518ISE Modify vehicle config Function info.

* This function is designated for JLR (2018+) high config models, by using it to disable UWB PEPS function, supports low equipped keys to be programmed to the high config models.(1) Backup vehicle config data: back up config data of current vehicle;(2) Modify vehicle config data: disable UWB PEPS function;(3) Restore vehicle config data: restore the config data backed up before to current vehicle.
* Back up vehicle config data;
* Communicating…
* Pls enter the filename;
* Backup success;
* Modify vehicle config data;
* Communicating…
* Reading data…
* Disable/turn off UWB PEPS function;
* Configuring system.
* Completed.

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