Program Toyota RAV4 2021 All Keys Lost with Lonsdor K518 & ADP Adapter

Here is the guide on programming Toyota RAV4 2021 8A (P1:AA) proximity smart key All Keys Lost without changing PEPS module, just use Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer and Lonsdor ADP Adapter. All keys lost requires LKE emulator as well.
The procedure is the same as previous post:
Lonsdor ADP Adapter Manual: Backup IMMO, Add Key and Delete Key

Follow k518 instruction to connect ADP adapter with vehicle and connect PIN cable with PEPS module

1.Backup IMMO data

In K518ISE menu, go to Immo & Remote- Toyota- Select from type- All smart key lost (2016-)- 8A

First Backup Immo Data
Detect serial number

Calculating and save data

Backup immo data successfully.

2. Generate LKE emulator
Insert LKE emulator into K518ISE

Load backup data to generate an emergency key in AKL situation.
This function requires network connection

Select the backup data
Reconnect car original cable

The emulator can start the car

3. Generate remote

Generate geniune smart remote key 315MHZ 8990H-0R030
Turn ignition off and turn on two emergency lights

Load D-flash data of PEPS to acquire 12-bit PIN

Register key success
follow k518ise prompt to learn key

1). Hold the registered LKE key close to the Start button, the buzzer beeps once, take the key away from the button

2). Hold the smart ley to be registered close to the Star button, the buzzer beeps twice, take the key away from the button.
To program more keys, repeat step 2).

Finally car and remote work successfully. Done.

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