How to Solve PCMTuner Common Software Errors

Here collects some common errors and solutions to the PCMTuner V1.21 Magic Car Tool chip tuning programmer.

Keep updating.

Error 1:

‘User Not Active, Contact Support’

PCMtuner requires activation. After installing the software, provide your email and serial number to to activate your device.

PCMTuner gives very simple instructions.

Error 2:

USB dongle is not accessible. Check if it is connected and reset application.

Don’t update it.
Install PCMTuner software again.
Use their own application.

Error 3:

‘User Already Exists’

I have the tool started since 21.11.2021. Try to register but it says already exists.

You have already registered so cannot register again. Use a new email address and contact us with serial number to get a new account.

Error 4:

My software version is 1.20 but not 1.21 as your website stated.

1.21 is the software version of PCMTuner. Not that important, USB just stores protocols.

Error 5:

Failed to login vzperformance user account, error 419 and asks for customer verification, any idea?


Need to connect both pcmtuner and usb dongle with PC. Run software and login again. user name and password= email address

Error 6:

An Update version was found on the server.

Would you like to download build 1.2.5

Press No, DON’T update software. Use their own software.


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