How to update Super ICOM Pro N3+ Firmware

How to update Super ICOM Pro N3+ firmware?  It supports updates online. ICOM-BootImage and ICOM-ApplicationImage bin files need to be updated. The upgrade steps are the same as the original ICOM or ICOM clone.

Before upgrade, check the current firmware version and download the newest version.

1.Open ITool Radar tool on desktop and check the current ICOM firmware version, such as it is V147.

2.Free download latest ICOM firmware update files- bootimage and applicationimage
Newest version 149
*Firmware file149/1.49 is compatible with original ICOM and ICOM clone (non-vxdiag solution).
After downloading, you can see three items in the N3+ ICOM firmware folder including ICOM Update instruction, ICOM-ApplicationImage and ICOM-Boot Image bins files. Here we take N3+ ICOM V148 as an example.

Super ICOM Pro N3+ Upgrade steps:
Follow the ICOM Update instruction to update N3+ firmware below.

1.Connect the Super ICOM Pro N3+ BMW diagnostic tool to the computer with a USB cable and power on the ICOM with a 12V power adapter.

2.Open with IE browser, input the user name: root, and password: NZY11502 (must be capital letters), then click “OK”.

3.Click “Update Firmware” and you will see the version information of ICOM firmware.

4.Select ICOM-BootImage-01-31-00 Bin file, set the image type to system, and click “Send the file”.

5.When it says “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes” and the ICOM light will turn red.

6.When it prompts “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successful”, click “Update Firmware”.

7.Select ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-48-00 Bin, set the image type to application, and click “Send the file”. The file will take a few minutes.

8.When it says “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes” and the light of ICOM will turn red for the second time.

9.When it is all right, click “reboot”, and the system is going down now.

10.After the upgrade is completed, check the current version again, the firmware version on ICOM Web server and ITOOL Radar is V148 now.

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