How to use Autel J2534 with Techline Connect SPS2

Autel MaxiFlash and JVCI can be used as J2534 passthru for GM SPS2 online programming.

How to use Autel J2534 with Techline Connect SPS2?

What you need before starting:
– A laptop (Windows 10 64bit)
– An internet connection
– An active “Service Programming System (SPS2)” subscription from ACDelco TDS
– $45 per vin (24 months access)
– Autel Maxiflash VCI/Autel JVCI box

During the process, you will:
– Installed Windows 10 64bit
– Install and set up Autel J2534 driver (Download J2534 driver)
– Install and set up Techline Connect directly from ACDelco TDS website launcher

Log into ACDelco subscriptions. After done login, go ahead and click view here on subscriptions.

Download and install Techline Connect.
– Choose interface as Autel MaxiFlash

Here comes some common problems and solutions to Autel J2534 and Techline Connect.

Q: I am using Autel MaxiSys Elite with maxi flash elite j2534 box. Cannot get it to connect to GM techline. None of them worked.

A: If showing this, it is not an issue of J2534 vci. Issue was within techline. They log into your laptop and fix it.

Q: I have an Autel j2534, why do I only get these 2 options to pick from

A: Install the drivers. Also you probably need the j2534 wrapper installed.
Download and install the Autel MaxiPC Suite above or from official website. It contains the drivers for all Autel J2534 devices.
Windows 10 PRO is required. Also open browser as admin.

Q: How I can get my j2534 box and make it a pass thru for programming TCM on 2015 Tahoe. Downloaded AC delo software and bought SPS2 on windows 11. But can’t get my jbox to recognize on usb. Is there a configuration I have to do or does the software needs to be downloaded on windows 10 per instructions?
A: You have to load the drivers for your j box from the autel site.Once installed you open software so computer can recognize the jbox and then close the software and then you can open up sps software and it will recognize your jbox.

Q: Quick question does anyone have any problems connecting their J2534 box with the techline connect for GM ? I’ve been trying to flash a ecu but it kicks me out as soon as it connects and the app crashes.
A: Make sure your J box is updated. Make sure to launch techline connect from the web browser and not the desktop icon!

Q: Has anyone successfully been able to use tech line connect (sps2) can not get it to launch on either on of my laptops all software downloaded as required.
A: here are possible solutions
Solution 1:
hit the go button and wait about half hour and it will load.
Solution 2:
Run Chrome as admin. check the run as administrator box it worked every time.
Solution 3:
It needed to update but kept restarting every minute
So I closed browser
Restarted computer
Tried again and it worked
If it cannot read vci, unplugged and re plugged and it finally connected.

Q: Can Autel maxisys do gm online programming without acdelco subscription?
A: If you have an Ultra, ms909 or ms919 you can likely get it programmed through remote expert for a fee. If other maxisys, you need software subscription.

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