Mercedes-Benz How to Reset a Check Engine Light

Whether you drive a Mercedes-Benz or a model from another make, you can reset the check engine light by using an appropriate scanner or by disconnecting the negative battery cable. However, if you don’t resolve the underlying issue, you’ll see the light reappear almost immediately. We’ve covered common causes and solutions below, so you can learn how to reset your check engine light with confidence.

Why is Your Engine Light On?
Your Mercedes-Benz is unlike any other vehicle on the road. However, like many other models, your vehicle uses a generic “Check Engine” light in order to indicate declines in performance or failing components.
It’s very important to fix any underlying issue before you try to reset your Mercedes-Benz check engine light. So, why is your engine light on? One of the following components may be to blame:
1.Loosened or damaged fuel cap
2.Failing oxygen (O2) sensor
3.Clogged or damaged catalytic converter
4.Malfunctioning Mass Air Flow Sensor
5.Expired or damaged spark plugs
If you’re driving around Rye or Stamford, scheduling service at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich is the easiest way to solve the issue before it slows you down. If you have a scanner, you can also read the code and visit our store for any Mercedes-Benz parts you may require.

Can You Drive Your Mercedes-Benz with the Check Engine Light On?
You know that you should investigate every warning that appears in your vehicle, but can you drive your Mercedes-Benz with the check engine light on? Here’s what you should know about the most common causes of a glowing check engine light:
1.Your fuel will evaporate if you don’t secure your gas cap.
2.A failing oxygen sensor will reduce your gas mileage and cause your vehicle to emit more pollutants.
3.A clogged catalytic converter could cause your engine to run sluggishly.
4.A failing Mass Air Flow Sensor will cause your performance to suffer.
5.Failing to change a bad spark plug could result in a car that won’t start.
In the long term, failing to resolve any of these issues will limit your vehicle’s performance, and they could cause your engine to wear out more quickly.
Will the Mercedes-Benz check engine light reset itself? If you’ve dealt with the underlying issue, it certainly should! After you address the issue, drive for a few miles to see if the light goes off on its own. If it does not, you might want to visit our service center for a closer look.
Of course, you could also try to reset your Mercedes-Benz check engine light at home! If the light stays off after your manual reset, it means that you successfully resolved the underlying issue. Find out how it’s done below.

How to Reset a Check Engine Light Using a Scanner
More and more manufacturers are incorporating next-generation features and technologies in their vehicles, and New Canaan-area drivers are taking notice. If you purchase your own advanced OBD II diagnostic scanner, you can plug it in under the steering wheel and identify issues in a flash — as long as you know how to read the code! Resetting a check engine light is as easy as pressing “Clear” or “Reset” on your chosen scanner. However, it will return almost immediately if the issue isn’t dealt with.

How to Reset a Check Engine Light Without a Scanner
Disconnecting the negative battery cable for a few moments will force your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s diagnostic systems to recalibrate. If an issue was previously solved, but the warning light failed to deactivate, take these steps:
1.Put on safety glasses and gloves, and remove all jewelry and metal from your person. Turn off the ignition, and open the hood.
2.Locate the battery, and locate the negative terminal. It is usually black and/or marked with a minus (-) sign.
3.Loosen the terminal using a wrench, and hold the negative cable to the side for 30-60 seconds. Don’t let the cables touch, or you may create dangerous sparks!
4.If you have a friend nearby, have them press the vehicle’s horn to drain any excess power from the vehicle.
5.Reconnect the negative battery cable and return everything to its place.
Keep in mind that disconnecting the battery may cause certain electronic systems to reset, so you may have some reprogramming to do!

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