2019 Jeep Grand Cheroke Odometer Correction by OBDSTAR ODOMASTER

Have 2019 Jeep Grand Cheroke to correct mileage, OBDSTAR X300 NO, OBDSTAR Odo Master Yes by working together with FCA 12+8 adapter.

Image 1: FCA 12+8 universal adapter for OBDSTAR ODOMASTER/ X300 DP / X300 DP Plus.

Let’s get start to use ODOMASTER for 2019 Jeep Grand Cheroke Odometer Correction:

Hook ODOMASTER up the car, select “Mileage”, then “Americas”, then “Chrysler Dodge Jeep”.


Enter the newest Chrysler Dodge Jeep V30.64.

VCI is upgrading…


Initializing diagnostic data…


Select “Jeep”.

Select “Grand Cherokee”, then “2018 -” (- means after 2018, 2019 year is after 2018 year).

The screen will prompt “Please connect the [OBDII-16] and [FCA 12+8] at the same time to complete the operation!

Tap “FCA POS” at the left corner, you will see the position of SGM /SGW (Security Gateway Module).

For the Jeep Grand Cherokee after 2019 year, it is as the same as that after 2018 year, please connect the [OBDII-16] and [FCA 12+8] at the same time.

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