ODIS – Audi Volkswagen Scan Tool

Owning a powerful European vehicle is a dream for many people. When you are an owner of an Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, or other high-performance vehicle you will always want to know that it is in good condition and that your vehicle is receiving the care and support that it needs to operate well. One tool that reputable service centers can use to assess the condition of your high-performance vehicle is an Off-Board Diagnostic Information System Service (ODIS). The use of an ODIS can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

Run Diagnostic Tests

One of the advantages of using the ODIS system is that the service center can receive real-time diagnostic information about your vehicle. ODIS is able to run a range of different tests simultaneously and is frequently updated with new information provided by Audi and Volkswagen. This can give you an accurate assessment of the condition of your vehicle and will provide a service center with the information they need to determine if any additional repairs or service are needed.

New Key Pairing

Similar to any other vehicle, those that own a high-performance car will always have the risk that they could lose their car keys. If you have lost your vehicle keys, coming to a service center with the ODIS system can be helpful. Through the use of ODIS, the service center will be able to create and pair keys for your vehicle.

Vehicle Updates

Audi, Volkswagen, and other vehicle manufacturers will update software used in their cars from time to time. Typically, these upgrades are designed to make a vehicle safer, more efficient, and more powerful. The use of ODIS can help to install the latest updates and upgrades to your car. This can help ensure you are able to have the best driving experience possible with all the latest features.

The use of an ODIS system service scan tool can continue to be beneficial for the service of any vehicle. When you are looking to care for your vehicle, you should come to Everything Euro in the Winston-Salem, NC area. Everything Euro is a leading service center and auto body repair shop for high-performance European vehicles. The service center here is an authorized Audi/Volkswagen dealer of alternative services. This will give you comfort to know that the service center has the equipment needed to properly assess and repair your vehicle.

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