Step-by-Step Guide: Cloning the ECU for BMW 5 Series MEVD17

Cloning an ECU for a BMW 5 Series MEVD17 using a KTAG programmer involves several precise steps to ensure that the data is accurately transferred from the old ECU to the new/used one. Here’s a detailed guide:


  1. Download and Install KESS V2 KTAG K-Suite Software
    • Ensure the software is properly installed on your computer.


Step 1: Setup KTAG Software

  1. Run KTAG Software
    • Launch the KTAG software and select your vehicle model.

Step 2:


  1. Remove the ECU from the vehicle;
  2. Open the ECU, taking care in not damaging the parts inside;
  3. Reconnect the ECU to the vehicle and start the engine, in order to make sure that it is still workin and has not been damaged in the opening;
  4. Remove again the ECU from the vehicle;
  5. Select the right plug-in;
  6. Always make a backup copy of the ECU before Reading and / or Writing.


  1. Connect to the ECU according to the pinout provided for each model (click here for connection instructions);
  1. Select the right plug-in;
  2. Make reading and programming (click here for further instructions).

Step 3:

Follow the instruction to find correct ECM models version

Step 4:

After then check ECU diagram connection for DME GPT

Step 5:

Select 679,if communication failed from ECU,then try 678 or 719 protocals

Step 6:

Select untick “Backup”

Select EEPROM and MAPS (flash data)

Click read to read out data



  1. Communication Issues
    • If communication with the ECU fails, try using protocol 678 or 719.

Additional Tips

  • Backup: Ensure you have multiple backups of the ECU data before writing to a new ECU.
  • Documentation: Follow any additional specific documentation and connection diagrams provided with your KTAG device for the best results.
  • Safety: Always handle the ECU and the vehicle’s electronics carefully to prevent any damage.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully clone the ECU for your BMW 5 Series MEVD17 using the KTAG programmer.

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