The Concerns of Autel MK808 When You Buy Autel Scanners

1.How to use new autel scanner MK808 for Hyundai Accent(RB) 2017 ABS brake bleeding?
Car model and year: Hyundai Accent(RB) 2017
Purpose: To do ABS brake bleeding
The tool used: Autel MaxiCOM MK808
Connect Autel MK808 with OBD2 port, press
Service >> Brake bleed >> Hyundai >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Hyundai(Korea) >> Yes
Hot functions >> Brake bleed >> HCU air bleeding mode
1.Solenoid valve status: closed
2.Motor pump status: off
When ready, press “OK”.

Now, all normally closed (NC) valves and the pump motor are activating.
Depress the brake pedal to floor. When pump motor activation stops, release the brake pedal. Repeat until the time reaches 60s.
You can hear the sound from brake bleeding…
Please wait…
It has been completed!
Press “OK”.
Hyundai Accent 2017 brake bleeding was successful!
It is very easy and fast to finish with Autel MK808 Diagnostic Tool.
Moreover, MK808 also supports oil reset, SAS calibration, IMMO keys, injector coding, DPF regeneration, etc.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

2. Autel MK808 vs. MX808, which Autel Scanner Tool is worthier to buy?
Even though these two diagnostic scanners come with similar functions and features, they still differ slightly. First of all, the Autel MX808 scanner is lighter than the Autel MK808 scan tool. So, if you’re looking for a portable and reliable diagnostic code reader, then the MX808 automotive scan tool is the best choice. Secondly, the MX808 is slightly smaller in size as it measures 15 x 11.6 x 4.8 inches, compared to MK808, which measures 15 x 11.7 x 4.7 inches.
The Autel MX808 and Autel MK808 are two exceptional mid-range scan tools that offer accurate and reliable results. The scanners feature Android 4.4.4 operating systems for fast operation, and the large screen does reading and erasing error codes to be simple as well. Both devices can operate continuously for 4.5 hours and cover a wide range of vehicles.
In short, if you want a reliable tool for your auto repair shop, then the Autel MaxiCom MK808 is the best tool for you.
The final decision when it comes to selecting either the Autel MX808 scan tool or the Autel MK808 scanner lies in the type of work you’re going to perform. If you want a scanner for your auto repair shop, then the MK808 scan tool is the best for you. But if you do repairs at your garage or are a car enthusiast who moves around more often, then the lighter MX808 diagnostic scanner will be the best for you.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

3. Confirmed! The ways to Solve Autel MK808 No Diag and Service Menu.
I have a problem with my Autel MK808. Worked fine. Today I can’t see nothing in the diagnostics and service menus. I have done all the system updates. Any advice appreciated.
Solution and Feedback:
Before the update I did a factory reset. Still not working. Then I connect to the Internet, update all the car manufacturers fixed my problem. Worked for me.
I have started to update all car makes and BMW and Mini + the service options came back … I guess I’ll have to update all of them to make it work again.
I just started updating the car manufacturers, I can see BMW and Mini back in the Diagnostics menu and Service Options for them came back as well …I guess I’ll have to update all of them.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

4.The ways to Update Autel MK808 Scanner VCI Firmware.
The registration, updates, language changing, data log uploading of Autel professional scanners, especially Autel MK808 is quite important for new starters/users.
For this article is going to share with you guys the updates on firmware part, that is, the vehicle connector interface for Autel devices.
You also have to know: the process is also the same among the kind of Autel products.
Main Autel VCI types:
MaxiVCI Mini: for MK808TS, MX808TS, MP808TS etc.
MaxiVCI V100: for MS906TS, MS906BT etc.
Wireless Diagnostic Interface: for MK908, MK908P etc.
1.Update via display tablet
Ensure device is well charged
Connection to VCI is firm
Internet connection is stable
1)Connect the VCI to the tablet via the USB cable.
Once the two green lights on, thing are connected well.
For other VCIs, there will be similar indicators.
2)On homepage, press
VCI Manager>>Update
Wait for the pairing of the device and the VCI.
Then click on “Update now” to download the latest version.
Reboot your VCI to complete update.
2.Update via PC
1)Download and install “Maxi PC Suite” from
Support>>Downloads>>Maxi PC Suite
2)Connect the VCI to PC via the USB cable.
3)Launch “Maxi PC Suite” and select your VCI type
4)After the update tool recognize the VCI automatically, choose an available version to update.
Completed! Nice professional tool that you derseve to have.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

5. Solved! The problem: Autel MK808 Can’t Find Software after Changing Language.
After changing my Autel MK808 Language, there is no option to update or change software. Each option show me a blank page, why? Please help me!
The reason is that the user has not updated software in Autel MK808 for the first time. Go to main page to update the software directly, the problem can be solved.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

6. Confirmed! Autel MK808 Vs. DS808K: Why more home mechanics love MK808 than DS808?
You want to buy either Autel MaxiCom MK808 or MaxiDas DS808 and want to see the Autel MK808 vs. DS808 match? I am willing to share the review with you. Hope it can help you.
This review will go over the differences between these two models so you can choose the right one for yourself.
Also, in the FAQs at the end of this review, you will see the comparison of related Autel scanners: Autel MK808 vs. MX808 and Autel DS808 vs. MS906.
The best part about the MK808 is its wide compatibility. In other words, it’ll work with every make and model of cars and read almost any manufacturer-specific code.
Four main features & functionalities of Autel MK808. The best part about the MK808 is its wide compatibility – it doesn’t just work with basic OBD2 codes
To be clear, the MK808 doesn’t just work with basic OBD2 codes. It also can read more advanced manufacturer specific codes from domestic, Asian, and European brands.
This means you can use it to perform an oil reset or read the DPF/TPMS/IMMO/EPB/SAS codes.
The MK808 is a fast, modern tablet scanner. It lets you work with a big, vivid touchscreen and lots of power processes.
Moreover, it is recharged faster than a typical OBD2 scanner. This means codes come up quicker, and the live data display is incredibly useful.
The Autel Maxicom MK808 is compatible with every vehicle made after 1996 and can clear tricky manufacturer trouble codes. If you want a scanner that can solve the broadest range of problems on the broadest range of cars, it’s the one to choose.
Autel MaxiCOM MK808 and MaxiCheck MX808 have the same hardware and offer the same functions. However, I highly recommend Autel MaxiCOM MK808 for its stability and reliability.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

7. Confirmed! Autel Mk808 Review 5 Minutes A Day To Grow Your Business.
Autel MK808 is the best Autel scanner with a tremendous symptomatic system. Autel Maxicom MK808 is quite possibly the most escalated scanner. The car analytic scanner makes systems diagnostics from the Autel scanner MD802 and the exceptional that fulfill different mechanics needs for beneficial fixes. Without delay ,let’s go to autel mk808 review.
Can I use Autel mk808 OBD2 scanner for Mercedes? If you are a Mercedes user, Mk808 is not for you.
Like some generally excellent quality demonstrative OBD II scanners, the most extreme Autel MK808 is straightforward and straightforward to utilize contraption. The second you add the gadget, you can move the essential capacities immediately.
These incorporate oil reset and BMS/PDF/EPB/SAS administration, which uses the security and better upkeep of the frameworks. Along these lines, there is no doubt around to check the critical tests.
Autel Mk808 Review: What is a car OBD II diagnostic scanner?
A car diagnostic tools parameter is for testing your vehicle’s exact issues with its engine. Commonly, oil tank, ignition coils, transmission, Abs and Srs, exhaust, throttle are the main compatibility issues.
Can Autel mk808 work well as Abs testing tools? I will not say no. Although it works well, the price is a little bit higher, that’s why we can’t call it the best Abs and Srs Obd2 Scanner.
Car diagnostic tests usually do in the mechanic’s shop, where you can apply it by yourself at the house. Even though it is hard, a demonstrative vehicle test should be possible in a brief timeframe and easily without help from anyone else.
How to use Autel Maxicom MK808
Autel MK808 is user-friendly. How to use the OBD2 scanner? You can use it even if you are not a skilled mechanic.
Charging: First of all, it needed to be charged to start. You can able to .chargre through USB cable.
Power On: Then, Hold down the main power key and wait until the device is started.
Language Selections: After starting this device, go to the setting and select the language. Then select the screen that you like most and it will go easy.
Issues: Whenever you get error codes it may stuck on the logo, go to Autel’s website because there are many tutorials that help you to find the exact information. That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

8. Solved! The right Way to Change Autel MK808 Language after Authorization.
This is a guide to show the right way to change Autel Automotive Diagnostic System scanner Language after Authorization. Since small language users may meet below problems such as car models missing after misoperation.we are here to talk about the
correct operation steps and solution.
The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic tablet is not allowed to access any car models after changing language. It only appears with the screen “If the required vehicle model is not available in this device, download it from the Update Page.”
After switching language, Autel MK808 gives me a blank page for any options. I can’t do anything. Please help.
Right way to solve problems
1.Go to System Setting>>Reset(selected “Erase SD Card”) to format the device;
2. Go to Update to upgrade all software;
3.Go to Setting>>Language to change
This method applies to all Autel Professional Scan Tools.
That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

9.Solved! How to Program Toyota Lexus keys via Autel MK808 ?
Take” Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Toyota Lexus Key Programming” for example
Purpose: make an extra key
Car model :Toyota Lexus RX300 North America 1999
Tool option:Autel MaxiCOM MK808
This is a master key for the Toyota Lexus RX300, I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic scanner to make an extra key here. So let’s start:
Connect MK808 scanner to OBD2 port of Lexus,
Service >> Immo keys >> Lexus >> Manual selection >> RX300 >> North America >> 1999 >> Yes
Hot functions >> Auto remote match >> Immobilizer >> Transponder code registration
Use this function to register a new key code, press “OK”.
This function serves to register an immobilizer key.
Note: If any step exceeds the time limit, transponder code registration will fail. Press “Next”.
Remove the key from the key cylinder, insert a registered master key into the key cylinder and turn the ignition on. Select “Sub key” to register, press “Next”.
Remove the master key form the key cylinder within 20s, then press “Next” immediately.
Press “Next” after inserting a new key into the key cylinder within 10s.
Now registering…
Wait for about 70s…
Transponder code registration is completed. Press “Esc” to exit.
Now let’s test the new key, it should start the car. Alright, it start it up successfully.
As you can see, Autel MK808 Scan Tool does program a new key for Toyota Lexus RX300, key programming has done in 4 minutes. That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

10.Solved! The ways to use your Cell phone to control Autel MK808?
This article will show how to control Autel MK808 from any position of the phone. Just like you want to help a friend program a key or they don’t know what they are doing and they have an MK808 scanner, it can make work easier.
The process is very easy. Let’s start it now!
Search “teamviewer” APP from Google Play or APP Store on your Android/IOS smartphone, and install it.
Go to “Remote Desk” on Autel MaxiCOM MK808.
Make sure the tablet has an internet connection.
If you’re on the road or whatever you can use your hotspot on your phone as long as the person has the Autel MK808 tablet with a hotspot (the regular 4g).
Enter TeamViewer APP and input the corresponding ID of your Autel Scanner MK808 manually, and then tap “REMOTE CONTROL”.
Allow remote support and wait the connecting.
When the connection is completed, it will show “QuickSupport app has been minimized, Screen sharing active.”
At the same time, read the instruction on cell phone “Zoom is used to change the viewed portion of the remote device screen. Touches and all possible gestures are executed on the remote device.” After that, click “GOT IT”.
Now what you can see on the smartphone screen is same as on the tablet.
Then you can do service function, diagnostics and any other functions MaxiCOM MK808 supported.
Hope it helps!

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