X300 DP Plus do odometer adjustment for Mercedes Benz W204

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS can do mileage correction for Mercedes Benz W204. The dashboard module needs to be removed from the vehicle, ready in 2 minutes. Fast and easy! Read the post to know how to do it.

The dashboard mileage is 1664km.
Connect Key Master Plus to this module, enter into
DiagProgram >> Agree >> Odometer >> Agree >> Europe >> BENZ >> BENZ V30.58 >> C Class >> W204

Switch ignition on.
Press “Odometer Recalibration”.
Reading mileage…
Current mileage: 1664km
Press “Enter” to adjust the new mileage: 666km
Writing data…
Modifying mileage…
Odometer recalibration complete.


Switch ignition to check.
As we can see, the mileage on dashboard has changed to 640km.

This is how to use X300 DP Plus to do odometer adjustment for a Mercedes Benz W204.

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