Free Download MTU DiaSys 2.73 2.72 Engine Diagnostic Software

MTU DiaSys is a Windows®-based software tool that communicates with a wide range of MTU engine controllers. This tool allows the user to perform required maintenance and servicing tasks, including reading and recording measurement values/process variables.

DiaSys used to communicate with various MTU controllers, RCS-5 Remote Control Systems and MCS-5 Monitoring and Control Systems.

MTU DiaSys 2.73 Support System
Win7,Win8 and Win10

MTU DiaSys 2.73 Support Languages:

1.IXXAT USB-to-CAN V2: Older firmware versions of the IXXAT interface USB-to-CAN V2 (professional and compact) may lose CAN messages.
To prevent this, the current IXXAT firmware 1.07 have to be installed.
Instructions can be found under C:\Program files (x86)\DiaSys\Doku\IXXAT\usb-to-can V2 Firmwareupdate_howto.pdf
2. The Excel format for Excel export has been changed from *.XLS to *.XLSX
This is due to the increased problems with virus scanners, which classify Office files, which may contain macros, as unsafe.
ATTENTION: The Excel import still only works with XLS files
–> If an XLSX file must be imported, it must first be converted into an XLS file using Excel.
Otherwise an error message will be displayed during the import: “The external table does not have the expected format.”
3. ECU-9, SXU, EXU roles: “Chronological error log” has been extended by the columns “Detail information” and “Detail number”.
Here more detailed information about an alarm/error is displayed (if available).
4. ECU-9, SXU: Bag learning maps (NTE-Events Lifetime xxx) are fed back to the central database as operating data analogous to load profile, error memory, etc.
5. Possible message texts when fetching data from the central database have been improved
6. ECU-9, SXU: New recording templates added to template database TemplateKD.mdb
7. Data transfer by files – export: The data will still be exported as one file with the extension *.EXE.
However, the self-extracting executable code is no longer included.
Since DiaSys 2.72 the file is no longer executed but is directly unpacked when importing DiaSys (see point 3. under changes 2.71 -> 2.72) the code is no longer necessary.
Advantage: The file is no longer blocked by the virus scanner.

8. Data transfer by files – import: During import no more errors occur if the path to the data to be imported contains spaces.
9. Change of the message text if it is detected during the connection to the ECU that the crash recorder is blocked.
Background: Crash recorder data have to be transmitted to MTU.
10. Increased timeout for communication with EIM. This results in fewer error messages in DiaSys when communicating with an EIM.
11. The default path to load profile data has been changed from “A:\” to “C:\ProgramData\DiaSys\Loadprofile_data”. The default path can be changed under “Options”.

New features:
1. ECU-7, ECU-9: New function “Plants project identification”: Reads out and displays PU-run information from the ECU.
2. ECU-9, SXU: PV recorder “Emission Status”: Reads out and displays emission status information from the ECU.
3. SXU: PV-Recorder General: Reads out the configurable PV recorder from the ECU and displays it.
4. EXU-ESD: Injector wear Upload and Export: Reads out information from the ECU injector wear and exports it to a CSV file.
5. SXU: Support of crash recorder functionality analog to ECU-7/8/9.
6. ECU-9, SXU: New function “hot shutdown counter resetfunction”.
7. ECU-9, SXU: New function “NH3 HC count resetfunction”.
8. ECU-9, SXU: New function “HC1 and HC2 load resetfunction”.
9. ECU-7, ECU-9: Information about logged emergency starts are read out from the ECU and displayed .
10. EXU-EMU9: New function “Splash oil calibration”

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