HHT-WIN Mercedes Software Free Download

What is Mercede HHT-WIN?

Mercedes Benz HHT-WIN is short call of Hand Held Tester come with XODS disks used for Mercedes Benz vehicle diagnosis.In essence HHT-WIN is a hi-tech version of the LED blink code reader.More Benz software,please check here:Mercedes Benz Software

HHT-WIN Function
HHT-WIN focus on diagnose for Mercedes Benz


Mercedes HHT-WIN Support Models:

HHT-WIN support old Mercedes Benz from late 80’s to 99


What is the Different Between HHT-WIN,DAS and Xentry

Difference is MB Model Years Supported

All MB from late 80’s to 99 = HHT-WIN

All MB from 2001 to 2009 = DAS

All MB from 2010+ = Xentry


HHT-WIN Software Download:

Necessary files:

Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode Program:



64Bit Betriebssystem: HHTWIN Aufruf über virtuelle Maschine
copy this file to:
C:\Program files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\DAS\bin



– HHT call
copy this file to:
C:\Program files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\DAS\trees\pkw\programm\hht_link




Mercedes HHT-WIN Reviews:

Review 1:

A:One of the guys over on the W140 forum pointed out that you can change the scale on the temperature display in the instrument panel using the HHT/DAS software

B: I found that in HTTWIN but haven’t tried it. I’m still waiting for someone to use HTTWIN to activate the rollbar and post a video!!! Or even describe what it is like to watch.

A: I changed F to C with HHTwin. I also activated the rollbar. Kind of underwhelming.


Review 2:

I was able to hook up the car and use the DAS/HHT to read actual values. I found that the MAF and other induction related components were within in spec – BUT – I had some weird voltages on four of the eight cylinders.


Review 3:

My SRS unit was fried! I was able to take a Bosch one from a same year W202 C180, program it with HHTWIN and now the SRS warning light is gone!!


Review 4:

I did a short test today again and took pics this time
first pic after short test (F)

pic 2 LH1 (F)

pic 3 says LH1 and LH2 did not answer, but no fault on LH2(pic2)

pic 4 fault memory current faults

pic 5 and 6 stored faults

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