How to Activate Australian Holden and Ford in Autel IM608 IM508

Global version Autel MaxiIM IM608 and IM508 don’t have Australian Holden and Ford models.

How to activate AU Ford and Holden?

1). Get a global version IM608/IM508. Pay for Australian Ford and Holden licenses separately. (Not recommended, it takes much more then option 2)

2). Get IM508 IM608 AU version directly. Same price as global version. (Recommended.)

Autel IM508 AU version
Autel IM608 AU Version

3). Get IM508 IM608 from AU local dealer

Check Australian Holden and Ford coverage here:


If you got the AU version IM608/IM508 and need to change to other language, i.e Korean, the device will missing AU models.

Check and confirm before you need a language change,

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