How to Program a Car Key

Programming a Key
Sit in the driver’s seat. You’ll need access to the car’s ignition switch in order to link the keys to the car’s systems. You may need two working keys to make or fix a third. Consult your owner’s manual for additional steps required by the manufacturer.
Search your car’s make and model online as well. You can find the exact steps needed to program keys for your car.
Many newer cars have improved transponders in electronic keys. These have to be programmed by a dealer or auto locksmith for your car’s unique anti-theft system.

Insert a programmed key into the ignition. Put the key in the slot and leave it alone for a moment. Place the other two keys where you can easily reach them. You’ll need to move fast to activate the car’s programming mode. Make sure you know which key is which.

Turn the car on and off. Turn the key you placed in the ignition. Don’t start the motor. Simply turn the key to the on position, which activates the electrical system. Immediately turn the key back so the car shuts off.

Turn the car on and off with the second working key. You have about five seconds to remove the first key. Find the second programmed key and put it in the ignition. Again, turn the key so the car comes on without starting the engine. Turn the key back so the car shuts off.

Insert and turn the third key. You’ll have about ten seconds to replace the second key with the unprogrammed key. Quickly turn the key once again to the on position. A second later, turn it back to the off position. Leave the key in the ignition

Wait for the security light to turn on. Look on your dashboard for the car’s security light. It should stay lit for about three seconds. You may need to press the buttons on the key you wish to program. When finished, remove the key and test it out.

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