How to Put A Key Blank in Autel Universal Remote

DIY tutorial: how to put a key blank in your Autel universal remote keys.
Credit to Scott Ford.
Takes 2 minutes.
use GTL/xhorse/keydiy flip key blanks.
insert blank into the key housing.
use drill bit that is smaller then the hole already in the key housing, use it as a guide to drill a hole on key blank.
now take a 2.0*4.5, if you drilled a little too big that’s fine just use a 2.0*4.8 roll pin.
then smack the roll pin thru the key housing and into the key blank.
*if the key blank is a little loose just take an awl and just tap the center of the roll pin and it will spread the top out and it will tighten the key blank up.
then take a Drexel and clean up any burs you made.

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