How to Read BMW CAS3+ ISTAP 32-Digit Engine ISN with Autel IM608

Here comes the problem: I’m working on a BMW C6 CAS3++ ISTAP lost all the keys. The program asks for the DME ISN and Autel only reads the 4 digit ISN which I read via OBD and got the ISN code 86F5. However, Autel IM608 asks for a 32-bit value for the ISN red ISN from the engine control unit.

Solution: BMW Explorer can calculate SK from the short ISN. Autel cannot do that. You can bench EDC17s with Autel. Some CAS+ use short ISN (e.g. X5 CAS3+). CAS3+ istap is not much longer. The ECU is EDC17CP02. You can read the ECU type by ECU number.

Go to IMMO- BMW- Engine- Direct

Then check Quick entrance
Identify ECU type by input 10 digits bosch ECU number


Select EDC17CP02 TC1766

Check the operation guide and wiring diagram
Bench it and follow prompts to read 32-digit ISN code.

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