Hyundai Kia GDI code P0125 P0126 P0128 Fix by Autel MK808

This article will be super helpful for you have a headache with the 2.4 GDI engine, you have check engine light on and you have code P0125 P0126 P0128, if you have any of these codes, we will explain what can easily cause that and how to fix it with Autel Maxicom MK808, and one simple mistake actually two mistakes that can destroy your engine, so make sure to stay until the end, we’ll explain what it is.

Let me tell you okay what can cause these codes for any of you that are asking us constantly for a good OBD2 scanner for these complicated vehicles, Autel MK808 is the one that we recommend, we got it at really good price and quick shipping, it works on almost any car you can think of, and it’s a tool that can pay itself off in one time use, you can see Hyundai Kia is right here.

What can easily cause the fault code P0125 P0126 P0128?

Now you have that device okay on your engine, okay it’s usually installed on the cylinder on the right side in the thermostat housing and it’s known as a coolant thermostat, the purpose of the devices is to actually regulate the engine temperature, the engine temperature is regulated by the coolant, so your engine is designed to work at specific temperature, let’s say 90 degrees celsius or what is that about probably about 180 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

So if that engine cannot reach that temperature, you will get any of these three codes, why simply due to the fact? let’s say you’re driving the car for 30 minutes to 1 hour and the engine cannot get to that normal operating temperature, you will get check engine light on and a code related to the thermostat engine, being cold not being able to reach sufficient temperature, why the engine needs to run at that sufficient temperature because the gasoline will burn clean, you will not be polluting the car will be more efficient, and it’s a win-win situation, but if that thermostat does not regulate the temperature correctly, you can easily get these codes and usually what happens? you get these codes because the thermostat is stuck open that means that the thermostat doesn’t close all the way and coolant from the radiator is flowing freely to the engine and as a result your engine will not be able to get warm, so in that case, you will need to replace the thermostat.

If you keep driving that way, first your car will not be efficient, you will be burning more fuel, you may notice a fuel smell coming out of the exhaust as well, because you will not have a clean burn, you can cause damage to the oxygen sensors and catalytic converters as well, because the fuel will not be burning clean in the engine and that can cause a secondary burn in the exhaust system which as a result can destroy things.

So definitely never ignore that and replace your thermostat on time because you can even overheat your engine when the thermostat is stacked open.

Now 2 mistakes that people make:

when you replace the thermostat you need to add coolant, always use a approved coolant by Hyundai kia, I recommend to use the original one, which is not very expensive. 2. Please buy a new thermostat.

But people would just replace the thermostat and they will open the radiator, they will fill it up with coolant and they will start driving and that’s a big no-no guys, you need to bleed the cooling system, if you don’t bleed the cooling system, you may end up having an air pocket in the engine which will actually prevent cool from going from the radiator to the engine and being able to regulate the temperature of the engine, so as a result that can cause engine overheating, which can damage the cylinder head cylinder bulk, it’s aluminum, and it can actually damage the head gasket multiple components, you may end up needing a new engine or the engine rebuild.


So we recommend once you have any of these codes fix it with Autel MK808 diagnostic scanner, the correct way is to replace them start on a headache a GDI engine.

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