OBD2 Freeze Frame Data: What Does It Mean? Freeze Frame OBD2 Data Explained.

1 what is Freeze Frame Data?

Freeze Frame Data like an airplane’s black box, whenever the computer detects a fault when an issue happens it will stores freeze frame data related to the issue. It is so important for diagnosing faults that it is never deleted or overwritten. It tells you how the other parameters or components were performing when the ECU stored the fault code. When the engine computer (PCM) detects a fault and turns the Check Engine light on, it also stores a freeze frame related to that fault. We use the word ‘freeze’ because this data is saved and frozen the moment.You can view this information to find the cause of the problem. The freeze frame data will remain in the obd2 until the code is repaired and cleared.

How Can You Access a Freeze Frame?

You will need a obd2 scan tool to access the freeze frame data. Connect to the obd2 port under dashboard. Different scanner will have different menu,  there are a lot of options for you to choose from such as reading codes, erase codes, data streams. You can find there the freeze frame or freeze frame data.

You will need an obd2 compliant scanner to read and clear the data.

Manufacturer-authorized mechanics have manufacturer-specific scanners that resemble laptop PC that will display everything the computer records.

2 How to read Freeze Frame Date?

Below we list this chart so you can read and interpret your freeze frame data quickly.

Code Meaning/ Interpretation.
Absolute map This is a live reading of the vehicle. Use it to look for similar conditions.
PO 420 errors An automatic self-test. These deliberate faults happen twice a month.
Load PCT 92.2 The air entering the engine is below 100%.
RPM When the fuel fails
Upstream O2S Volts Reading of oxygen sensor for monitoring performance
Fuel SYS 2 N/A No presence of fuel injectors or fuel injectors missing
Fuel system good trip counter Trip counter that turns off the MIL for the fuel DTC systems.
ECT (F) 221 Engine temperature.
VSS MPH Gives the condition of the engine at the time the data was collected
Fuel SYS 1 CL Means the fuel injection bank is in closed loops
DTC P0261 This is the diagnostic trouble code, DTC, or Generic OBD2 Trouble Code
Load PCT 89 Amount of air entering the engine is below 100%
VSS 52 Speed of the vehicle when the DTC was triggered
IAT 55 Intake Air Temperature when the DTC was triggered
Fuel SYS1 CL Fuel injector in bank 1 was in close loop mode when DTC was triggered
Fuel SYS2 N/A Fuel injector in bank 2 not available
ECT 223 Engine Coolant Temperature when DTC was triggered
Long FT1 – 3.0 The Oxygen sensor has not switched to long-term fuel trim
RPM 1300 Engine’s Revolutions per Minute when the DTC was triggered
Map kpa 25 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor reading when DTC was triggered
Load PCT 87  the air volume or amount of air entering the motor that is below 100%.
SHrtFT1 2.6 means the short-term fuel trim is at 2.6%. (read more about short and long term fuel trim and live OBD2 data)
Long FT1 -3.0 the oxygen sensor or O2 sensor has not switched yet to long-term fuel trim for the fuel injectors.

Difference between Freeze Frame Data and Live Data

Freeze Frame Data compared with live data the advantage is that you do not need to watch on the scanner when you drive. You can do your own thing the data will be still stored for you and you can check them whenever you want to.  Also the data is saved at different intervals you do not need to do any manual work. It will be easier when you take your vehicle to a mechanic you can print out of the data and share with an expert who know how to interpet the information or you can find the information online and helps you solve the problem.

Live date is very useful too. It can tells you the condition of your vehicle at any given moment and help you quickly identify where the problem be.

How to clear Freeze Frame Data Using an OBD2 Scan Tool? 

You can use OBD tool to reset and clear the Freeze Frame. Freeze Frame is removed when you reset the MIL and clear the OBD2 trouble codes. It’s an all-in-one action that resets all the diagnostics data in the car. However, the trouble codes and other data will come back if the problem detected again.






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