Ktag or PCMTuner Read Ford SID807EVO, which is better?

I need to read and write Ford Connect 2014 Continental SID 807evo ecu. Tried with Ktag 6.070 China clone, no luck. It reads it up to 52% at the ktag and then puts me an error.

Then i tried the new pcmtuner. It failed me again. Any solution?


Ktag: Need Luck

Many failed with ktag clone, but some read and write with ktag EU clone (red or purple board).

For everyone who wants to do 807 evo it is possible with ktag clone red pcb 7.020, k-suite 2.25.
protocols continental sid 807 ford TPROT8 PROTOCOL 511
Connect obd2 cable from ktag to car and turn on the ignition
it will start to read, when it goes on 100% it will tell you that is successful and that you can remove the unit and disassemble ecu
after that use pinout that is on photos of ktag
3x12v, use orange wire for an additional 12v..2 red and 1 orange!
ground black, CAN high, CAN low
3 boot and 1 cf..
i have used stable power supply, not the one from ktag!
Hope it will help someone!

PCM Tuner: Yes

You choose OBD protocol module 53 but read on bench protocol.
That’s mistake.
Read it on pcm with obd adapter. Do not use bench.
It’s an obd supported ecu, so connect pcm with adapter directly to car’s obd2 port and then read
Install ecu back on car first, use OBD2 cable.

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