Lonsdor ADP Adapter Supported Toyota Car List

Here comes the Toyota model list of Lonsdor Super ADP adapter for K518ISE/K518S.

Toyota/Lexus Smart Key Programming
Toyota 8A
Land Cruiser/2014-2021
Avalon HV/2019-2021
Corolla EX/2013-2019

Lexus 8A
UX series/2018-2021
RX series/2013-2021
NX series/2017-2021
LS series/2013-2021

Toyota 4A
Corolla HV/2019-2021
Levin HV/2019-2021
IS series/2013-2021
GS series/2013-2021

Frqenct asked questions of Lonsdor ADP adapter:

Q: How to connect the ADP adapter with K518 and Vehicle?

Check the brief wiring connection diagram below

Connect ADP adapter with k518 and main cable, connect ADP adapter with vehicle via 24PIN or 27PIN connector with EPES module of the car

Q: How to use the Super ADP Adapter?

Check how to backup immo data, generate emulator key, add key and delete key manual here

Lonsdor K518 and ADP Adapter Program Toyota 8A 4A AKL

Q: What’s the difference between ADP adapter and dealer code?

Check the image below, rolling code purchased from dealer changes from time to time. The immo data read by Lonsdor can be used for many times. It saves time and money.

Q: Possible programming key Toyota 2018+ EU, AKL situation?


Q: With this ADP does it necessary to pay for password calculation?

No, you don’t need to pay for password calculation.

Q: Need activation for Toyota? Need only Lonsdor key, or do in original key?
It does not require AKL activation license. You can program with Lonsdor key or original key.
Q: Do you use it alone or only with K518?
It cannot be used alone, works only with K518.
Q: ADP working with 2020 in 2021 vehicles when making keys that require 12 digit pins? Sienna, highlander
Yes and it does not require pin.
Q: Can lonsdor super ADP make RAV4 2020?
Yes if it is smart key
Q: Can i use SKT-LT emulators with ADP adapter?
No,LKE emulator key only.
Q: Toyota chr and land cruiser 2021 program possible ADP adapter possible smart key
Q: If I take the Lonsdor ADP adapter, work possible 4a and 8a smart key?
Q: Can you add key for Toyota Corolla 2021 using genuine key Toyota adapter
Q: can this add toyota harrier 2020 4A smart key ?
Q: Can ADP do both smart and mechanical key 2021 Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Corolla?
It can do only smart key on these models.
Q: This adapter works original key OEM toyota?
Yes, it works.
Q: Does it do all key lost rav4 2019 blade key?
No, smart key only
Q: Can this make landcruiser 2017-2021 akl with original key?
Q: Does ADP work if my Lonsdor k518 license has expired?
Yes, ADP adapter works without software subscription.
Q: Can K518 and ADP do 2018 Toyota Highlander all keys lost?
Q: For this need buy Toyota AKL lisense for 350$ ? or without AKL lisense work?
The adapter can be used to replace AKL license. It works separately without license.
As for keys, you can use Lonsdor key or OEM key.

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