New FoxFlash VS KT200 ECU Programmer, Which is Better

KT200 ECU Programmer is currently the most popular ECU clone tool in the market, supporting a wide range of ECU/TCUs.
Most clients confused about what’s the difference between FoxFlash? Below I shares a comparison of KT200 ECU Programmer and FoxFlash to help y make choice.

In summary:
1. FoxFlash has full version protocols activated (Full Version only). People that have other tools, maybe will not need all protocols. If you need a basic auto version, KT200 ECU Programmer Auto Version is good to go.
2. If need a Full Version, FoxFlash is cheaper.
3. KT200 requires online connection. FoxFlash works both online and offline.
4. FoxFlash gets 2-years warranty and KT200 only 1 year.
5. FoxFlash uses the latest firmware and updates, use better quality BOM and OCB than those tools, it provides far better servers with VR supply, more stable, full proof, and reliable tool.

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