Solved! VXDIAG Xentry Can’t Read VIN on Benz W230 2004

I used VXDIAG Xentry to diagnose Mercedes Benz W230 2004, it failed to get VIN reading and in this way I can’t talk to the car.

OBD2.LTD engineer replied:

For the Mercedes Benz before 2010 year, enter from “DAS” software.
For the Mercedes Benz after 2010 year, starts with “Xentry” software.

Your Mercedes Benz model is before 2010 year, and the software will automatically jump to DAS software, there is no software problem actually, just click on “F2” to continue now.


Yes, I click on “F2” to continue in DAS software and VXDIAG Benz DoIP Kit worked! I can get the VIN reading, and the I can talk to the car.

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