VCDS Perform Audi A4 ABS Coding Guide

Here show a guide on how to use VCDS to do ABS coding for Audi A4

Main Procedures:

1.Identify the type of ABS module

2.Locate the PR Codes for the brakes

3.Identify the type of engine and transmission

4.Generate the login and soft coding

5.Perform ABS Coding


Step 1:Identify the type of ABS Module:

Launch VCDS software,then click “Select” button to select control module

Select “03-ABS Brake”

Now you can see the ABS type(yellow arrow),it show “Bosch ESP 5.7….”


Step 2:Locate the PR Codes for the brakes

Production Code (PR-Codes) can be found on the vehicle data label

The PR Codes can be found in one of two places on the vehicle:

1.On the sticker near the Spare Tire Well on the floor of the vehicle.

2.The duplicate of that sticker on the 1st Page of the Service/Maintenance Manual in the Owner’s Manual.




Step 3:Identify the type of engine and transmission

Click “02-Auto Trans”

Component:”V30 01J….” “AQ 250 6F…”


Step 4:Generate the Login and Soft Coding

Here is the vehicle informations:




Step 5:Perform ABS Coding

Click “03-ABS Brake”

Click “Login-11”

Input the value “09679”,then click “Do It”

Click “Coding-07”

Input the value “04279”,then click “Do It”

Now the Soft.Coding “04279”

Click “Login-11”

Input the value “40168”

Note:40168=Basic Settings Enabling (i.e mandatory prior to Steering Angle Sensor Alignment)

Turn steering wheel left about 90 degree


Measuring Blocks

Done!Go Back


Basic Setting-04

Click “Go”


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