X100 PRO2 Professional Key Programmer FAQ

Q: does the unit need to be registered and updated before I can use it?
A: It can be used directly when received, and the software is pre-installed. If customers go to upgrade and download, they do not need to register, and log in directly with the serial number and password.
Question:2013 ford fusion mileage odometer correction work?
Answer: Yes, the x100 pro2 scan tool can support it.
Question: Will this support 2017 jaguar xe for milage correction ?
Answer: Yes, the scan tool supports it.
Question: Can this correct mileage on 2010 impala?
Answer: The code scanner can support it.
Question: Can this tool reprogram an mazda 3 2007 ecu?
Answer: No, it can’t.
Question: can i programe a 2010 nissan altima the key
Answer: Yes, the X100 pad scan tool supports this.
Question: Will this work for odometer change on 2010 charger?
Answer: Yes, the scan tool can support it.
Question: Odometer correction for 2015 corvette?
Answer: Yes, The X100 pad2 scan tool support this.
Question: Will this work to adjust odometer on a 2010 Lincoln mks
Answer: Yes, the X100 Pad scan tool supports this.
Question: Does this support mileage correction for 2019 Mercedes c300?
Answer: It supports BENZ C series W203 W204 W205 after 2007.
Question: Will it work for adjust odometer for 2010 ford ranger ?
Answer: The scan tool supports Ford Ranger after 2012 and 93C86 after 2015.
Question: Will it work for kia Sportage adjust odometer ?
Answer: Yes, fast in 3 minutes.
Question: Will X100 Pro2 program a remote key fob for 2005 Buick lesabre?
Answer: yes, it will support 2005 Buick on key program.
Question: Will this program keys for the 99 Sebring convertible?
Answer: might need to find others to calculate the pin code to program keys.
Question: Can this program new key when all keys lost for 2001 mr2 spyder toyota?
Answer: not support 2001 Toyota.
Question: Will this work to program keys for a 2005 dodge Dakota
Answer: YES.
Question: Can it adjust mileage of eclipse 2009 and ford figo 2012?
Answer: not support eclipse 2009 and ford figo 2012 for mileage. can work for 2016-2018 figo.
Question: I need to program new chip key 2009 Nissan Sentra. I have 1 master key. will this device read pin code from car or do I need a different device?
Answer: the car can do add a key by key programmer.
Question: Will X100 Pro2 program key for 2008 land rover lr2?
Answer: yes, it supports 2005 -2013 year.
Question: Will this reprogram the vin and program keys on a 2012 acura mdx?
Answer: NO.
Question: Will this program a key fob and transmitter for 2012 Nissan Rogue
Answer: YES, will program keys for 2012 Nissan Rogue.
Question: Will this support a 04 Chry Pacifica?
Answer: YES.
Question: Will this work on a 98 lincoln mark viii?
Answer:  no,it won’t do 1998 lincoln.
Question: Will X100 Pro2 auto key programmer work on a cadillac cts 2008 and 2014 for key programming?
Answer: NO.
Question: Will it program a new key for 2008 land rover range rover sport?
Answer: YES.
Question: Key program on 07 f150?
Answer: yes, it can do key immo on this car.
Question: Will Pro2 do a 350z 2004 immobilizer and key
Answer: yes, it will do immobilizer and key on this car.
Question: Does this work with 2009 Suzuki grand Vitara sz 2009 5-door manual traction?
Answer: can’t do Suzuki grand. and can not do manual traction. the main function of this product is key programmer. it will support Vitara’s key programming.
Question: Will it work to program a key for 2010 land rover lr4?
Answer: yes, it supports Landrover around 2012 years.
Question: Will this correction mileage 2012 Nissan Navara d/c 2.5d 4wd rx mt?
Answer: not support any Japanese car for mileage. thanks
Question: Will X100 Pro2 work on 2012 Maserati Granturismo key programming
Answer: no, it can not do this 2012 Maserati.

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