Autel IM508/IM608 Read TMS370 IMMO

Cannot find the procedure reading an old immo TMS370 on Autel IM508/IM608? Here are useful tips.

What you need:
Autel IM508 +XP400 Pro/IM608 Pro
IM608 Pro kit (APB120 adapter)

Option 1:

You can read TMS370 with XP400Pro PC software.

Autel XP400 PC Programmer Software Installation Download

Option 2:

Within XP400 Pro, you can see the Tms370 after updating the firmware.

For example, here is Ford Escort 1994 pats external

Solder chip onto apb120 adapter

choose the first Tms370c002 to read
followed the logic based on the pinout

After reading the immobilizer data, you can program 2 keys

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