How do owners think of Autel IM608 and IM508

Collected ideas of what is the functional difference between Autel 508-608…

IM608 just for keys and IM508 has diagnostics.
im508 + xp400 = im608. as far as key programming is concerned.

608 is bluetooth/ 508 is cable.
608 bigger screen.
Both do keys and diagnostics but 608 have more diagnoses features.
608 can do ecu coding as well.
608 can do 3rd gen benz and mqb audi/vw.
For most people if you get 508 and get xp400, you’re “kinda” can do the same as 608.

Diagnostics, bidirectional, coding, some programming for BMW/BENZ and more functions. But to be honest, an IM508 with XP400 PRO is all you need. Unless you do in-depth diag, no need for IM608 to be honest

if you want to do diagnostics, IM608PRO is best. But one day, you will need to buy zedful and SmartPro. Very good machines

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