Autel IM608 IM508 Device Locked Solution

Problem 1:

My Autel MaxiIM IM608 was locked after programming the key on hyundai sonata. I just programmed a key on a car brought from the USA. I didn’t do anything else. 5 minutes after the programming, it turned off itself and since then it doesn’t turn on and issues this error.

“The device has been locked since an illegal operation has been detected”

Problem 2:

Happened to me after updating OS


Autel tools are geo-locked. You must buy from a local distributor or your tool will be locked.

If you purchase Autel from other agent and your Autel is locked, go to Autel support or contact your dealer to contact factory to unlock your device.

If the tool is in a different region, you may need to pay to get it unlocked.

Our Autel IM508 cannot be delivered to UK, Spanish and Portuguese. Other regions have no IP limitation. Won’t be locked.

Autel IM608 has no IP limitation. Won’t be locked.

Both can be delivered from EU, US, China warehouses.

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