Caterpillar 311 F LRR JFT Crawler Excavator Oil Cooler Removal Guide

This guide details the procedure for removing the oil cooler from a Caterpillar 311F LRR JFT crawler excavator. Proper adherence to the steps outlined will ensure the safe and efficient removal of the oil cooler.

Tools and Software Needed

Preliminary Steps

  1. Alternator Removal: Begin by removing the alternator along with its mounting bracket. Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly manual, specifically the “Alternator Gator-Disassembly” section for detailed instructions.

Important Safety Notes

  • Cleanliness: Ensure all parts remain clean and free of impurities to avoid premature wear and component failure.
  • Fluid Handling: Exercise caution when handling fluids. Contain all liquids during maintenance and dispose of according to local regulations.

Removal Process

  1. Coolant Drainage:
    • Drain coolant into a suitable container. Consult the Operation and Maintenance Manual under “Cooling System Coolant-Replace” for guidance.
  2. Engine Oil and Filter:
    • If coolant contamination in the engine oil is suspected, replace both the oil and filter. Refer to “Engine Oil and Filter-Replacement” in the Operation and Maintenance Manual.

  1. Disconnect Coolant Hose:
    • Detach the coolant hose from the tube assembly labeled (5).
  2. Tube Assembly Removal:
    • Unfasten the bolts (6) and remove the tube assembly (5) from the engine oil cooler assembly (3).
    • Remove the O-ring seal (7) from the tube assembly (5).
  3. Bracket and Bolts Removal:
    • Remove the bolts (8) and bracket (9) from the engine oil cooler assembly.
  4. Booster Chamber Cover:
    • Take off the booster chamber cover (4). Refer to “Turbocharger-disassembly” in the Disassembly and Assembly manual for correct procedures.
  5. Oil Cooler Bolts and Gasket:
    • Remove the bolts (1) securing the engine oil cooler. Note: Do not remove bolts marked with an (X). Record the position of bolts as their lengths vary.
    • Remove the gasket (2).
  6. Engine Oil Cooler Removal:
    • If needed, continue with these steps to completely remove the engine oil cooler:
      • a. Remove additional bolts (13) and (14) from the engine oil cooler assembly (3).
      • b. Detach the cooler base (12) from the housing (10).
      • c. Remove the gasket (11).

Final Steps

  • Inspection: After removal, inspect all components for wear or damage. Replace any defective parts before reassembly.
  • Reassembly: Follow the reverse order of disassembly while paying close attention to torque specifications and seal placements.


Successfully removing the oil cooler from your Caterpillar 311 F LRR JFT crawler excavator involves careful preparation, attention to detail, and adherence to safety guidelines. Use the recommended tools and follow all operational manuals to ensure the integrity of the machinery is maintained.

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