How to Reset/Rewrite Injector for FUSO Truck by XENTRY

After engine injector replacement, it is necessary to reset/rewrite injector data into ECU for FUSO truck by XENTRY Software. This post show the steps, hope it helps!

As a preparatory step, replace the injector.
Reset the injector correction data.

(1)Select “Adaptations”.
(2)Select “Teach-in processes”.
(3)Select “001 Injection value (Reset)”.
(4)Select “S”
The method of “Injector injection quantity adjustment” is different by vehicle other than HEV and
<In the cases of HEV>

(1) Select “Adaptations”.
(2) Select “Teach-in processes”.
(3) Select “016 Injection valve (Learned value)”.
(4) Select “S”(Green).
<In the cases of other than HEV>
Download the required ECU history data from the FRN and store it in the FUSO Diagnostics system.
Perform adjustment of injector injection quantity

(1) Select “Coding”.
(2) Select “Injector injection quantity adjustment”.
(3) Enter the inquiry number and password.
(4) Click “Continue”.

(5) Enter the adaptation values (IMA code) indicated on the injectors.
When an indicated adaptation value (IMA code) has eight digits, enter the seven digits except the unit digit. The alphanumeric characters “0”, “9”, “J” and “Q” are not used for the injector adaptation value (IMA code).
(6) Click “Continue”.
Upload the ECU history data to the FRN.

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